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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone from Ernest Pierce
I hope the New Year has allowed your minds to release all the necessary positive energy to flow. I plan to continue to give back to my non-profit organization and to take my giving to another level. What are your plans this year?

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  1. Dear Ernest,
    I hope you can be part of Smile Project, World Smile Archive
    Dear Friend
    can you maybe join our "smile" project for children hospitals?That mean can you draw a smile for our projectand ask your friends to join as well?
    I hope you can
    and above all, in spite of the bad omens
    Better New Year
    Please also accept my very own special
    Better for the New Year:

    I wish the mystery, which builds the power of peaceful happiness
    I wish the mystery, which enriches us with a wise smile
    I wish the mystery, which strengthens the every way of every love
    I wish the mystery, which initiates us into every inscrutable recess of our mysterious interior

    best wishes Marek Wysoczynski
    world smile archive


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