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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let the Fall Time Begin "New Happenings"

"November has proven to be a very productive month for me." I have been working on a new project called "The Conflict of MS. Boston." This is a personal project that I personally wrote and directed. The goal of this film was to introduce new topics into the contemporary society of the Modern American Family. We normally grow up thinking that the women is the submission hometaker that wants for nothing, who is sociable and passive. Well, " The Conflict of Ms. Boston" follows the life of Karen Boston a Downtown, Los Angeles Executive who is the primary breadwinner. Due to her rise in success she is conflicted with many issues of everyday life. She does not know how to perform some of the basic duties that a woman normally took care of in historical times. Dishes "What's that" Ha! However the main conflict and I will not tell you is that throughout here career she finds what really matters to her. Life, Career, Home and Future....Stay Tuned for more great things from this project. It is currently in Editing and there will be a screening party at the EAST WEST LOUNGE & BAR IN WEST HOLLYWOOD, in December 2010.

I started new cold read/auditioning class with AIA STUDIOS of Burbank, CA. The great thing is that the class only carries 8 people which is magnificent for personal attention and extra performance time. My instructor is Bruno Oliver "who has been on many shows such as Modern Family, The Office, You kill me...etc. It's great to take these classes as they allow actors to massage their craft and gain new skills. AIA Studios have been around for over 20 years and tend to be a very reputable place to study skills for On-Camera which is also connect with NOW CASTING WORKSHOPS.

Additionally, I have continued to study with the Actors Collective and perform in their Workshops which allow my as an Actor to gain exposure where I normally would not. The Actors Collective is located in West Hollywood....

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